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$20 Off UberEats | Coupon & Referral Code

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June 11, 2020
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June 11, 2020

UberEats Coupon Codes for New Customers:

Enter my promo code at checkout to get $20 off across your first two orders!


*UberEats promotion code valid on first order of a new account. $10 off of 2 orders; $20 off in total. It can be used repeatedly if you make multiple accounts.

$20 Off UberEats | Coupon & Referral Code

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Note: If a code is not working, please comment below or contact us. We will provide a working code immediately.


About UberEats

Get food from your favorite restaurants delivered right to your door thanks to Uber Eats. The company picks up and drops off food in hundreds of cities and suburbs around the nation, including Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, and several other locations. With Uber Eats, there’s no need to search for local restaurants offering delicious grub, because the company partners with hundreds of local restaurants to provide in-app menus that make it super simple for you to figure out what you’d like to order. It’s constantly on the lookout for new restaurants to add to the service, so just because you don’t see your favorite restaurant this week doesn’t mean you won’t find it the next time you open the app.
You can even reach out to the company and ask it to work with specific local establishments. Because the service works with independent contractors, you can get fast delivery every day of the week, pretty much any time the restaurant you want to order from is open. Forget having to run to the ATM to get tip money for your delivery person; you can pay for your order and include a tip using the easy-to-navigate app.
July 15, 2020

$10 Off ClickDishes | Referral Code

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$45 Off DoorDash | Coupon & Referral Code

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$20 Off UberEats | Coupon & Referral Code

Promotion Codes, Referrals, Discounts, Coupons for UberEats in 2020
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