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SNAPTAIN SP650 1080P Drone Review

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June 10, 2020

A review of the Snaptain SP650 drone.

A fter contemplating on which drone to practice my flight skills on, I decided on the Sptain SP650.

This Snaptain SP650 drone is a decent beginner drone, and at around 125 grams flying weight it is well under the federal drone limit of 250 grams which would otherwise require it to be registered with Transport Canada. The build quality seems to be pretty good, and has survived dozens of crashes so far. The drone's landing feet and blade guards need to be installed when you first open it, and I highly recommend you secure them with the included small screws/screwdriver.

The controller for the drone is what really surprised me, it is pretty high quality at this price point and the phone clip works really well at keeping the phone secure. The FHD camera on the drone looks pretty good as well, and is really useful for figuring out your flight path. For those interested, additional batteries for the drone are fairly easy to find, just look for 903048 Lithium-ion Batteries rated at 3.7V 1000mAh. You may be able to get a battery above 1000mAh for even longer flying times, but the drone already includes 2 batteries and at 12 minutes flight time per battery you have plenty of time to do flips and tricks.

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"It almost got lost in a waterfall on my first flight.”


Final conclusion

I bought this drone to practice my flying skills so I know how to handle the controls before I buy a more expensive drone. I guess you could say that this is my practice drone before I upgrade to a different one again. This drone is well within my budget and is a perfect compact size. The altitude stays consistent but even the slightest wind will have the drone flying from left to right and smashing into anything in your sight, as opposed to the more expensive drones which can stay still.

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Final Decision: A solid 6/10

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